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Race History

Dave Griffiths started his race career in the late 70’s engineering Mk1 Lola sports 2000, after several successful seasons the customer purchased a Porsche 908/2 and this is when the love affair started with Porsche sports cars. Dave soon gained a reputation for unrivalled workmanship and race engineering skills with Porsche Le Mans sports cars, and this led to Richard Attwood sending his own Porsche 917K for Dave to engineer.


Over the following Twenty years Dave has prepared Porsche 917’s for Richard Attwood, David Piper, Derrick Bell, Brian Redman & many more. The cars always being prepared to a standard that matched Porsche Race Department when these Gladiators of the race tracks reigned supreme.

In the early 90’s Dave was part of the very successful Historic Ferrari Club Italia led by David Piper.

In the Mid 90’s Dave worked for Nick Mason, the car fanatic drummer of Pink Floyd. Here Dave rebuilt most of Nick Mason's Le Mans sports cars bring them up to a standard of when these cars were first raced.

Having gained valuable experience with all Le Mans sports cars of this era Dave was able to Engineer the Ferrari 512s to victory in the 1998 running of the Tour Auto.


In 1999 Dave formed the company Dave Griffiths Racing Ltd, soon followed by his son Ben Griffiths. While the company grew very quickly, the passion still remained with Dave and this passion for these Le Mans sports cars was passed onto his son Ben.

Ben Griffiths started his career in Motorsports at an early age, working for David Piper under the expert guidance of Steve Humble now of Harp Motorsport, South Africa.

In 2006 Ben Engineered a Race prepared Mini in the “Mini Challenge” club class, where there season started with a “novice” driver and ended the season with two podium finishes.

Since then Dave and Ben concentrated there time in workshop preparation of Porsche 917k’s, Porsche 908’s, Porsche 935’s and Porsche RSR’s.

In 2010, Dave and Ben had the honour of engineering a Gulf Porsche 917k at the Classic Le Mans. There drivers of Richard Attwood and Vern Schuppan, both out right winners of this world famous race finished 3rd overall.